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BOSHIKA Co is founded in Beijing at 1993.We devoted to long distance communication of RS-232/RS-485.We invented many advanced RS-232/485 products .We have dozens of China Patents.

2013:USB、RS-232、RS-485 to Optical Fiber Converter(OPT24U

2012:USB to RS-232/485/422(USB232ET) for Android pad with no driver needed

2011:2×2 all signals RS-232 SWITCH  (SWT2232)

2011: USB optical transreceiever (OPET110U),no power supply is needed

2011: 1000M ethernet to all signals RS-232 converter(ETH232Q)

2011: Isolated 4×4 RS-485 SWITCH(SWT4485G)

2011:Real-time communication USB/RS232/485 converter(USB232GH8USB232HLT

2011:RS-232/485/422 to plastic optical fiber converter(OPF232485

2010年:CAN to optical fiber converter(OPT-CANL1)

2010年:RS-485/422/232 to optical fiber converter((OPT485L1)

2010年:Wireless charging RS-232 to RS-485/422 converter (T485GL)

2009年: 8 port RS-485 isolated HUB(HUB8485G)

2009年:The smallest Ethernet fiber-optic transceiver(OPET100L)

2009年: 2 port RS-232 to 1 port RS-232/485 Auto sharing (HUB2215Z)

2008年: high-speed optoelectronic isolator in DB-9 Dongle(BS232HC9)

2008年: All signals RS-232 to optical fiber Converter(OPT232AL

2008年:Build in DC/DC Port-powered RS-232 isolator(BS232T9

2007年:USB to Serial port optical fiber:(OPTU232L1

2007年:Isolated Ethernet to RS-232/485/422 (ETH232GL1

2007年:USB isolator (BS-USB)

2006年:isolated high-baudrate (0-150Kbps)RS-232 to RS-485 (G485HA

2006年:All sianal RS-232 isoated extenderY232B9VM

2005年:Smallest RS-232/RS-485 to optical fiber(OPT485V9

2004年: Optical Fiber USB Extender(OPET-USB

2003年: DB-9 dongle RS232 high bauderate isolator (BS232H9)

2003年: Port powered RS-232 to optical fiber(OPT232-9

2003年: CAN to optical fiber with no set(OPT-CAN

2002年:All signal RS-232 isolator (BS232C-9

2002年: 1000-meter RS-232 extender (EX232

2001年:isolated 4 port RS-485 HUB(HUB4485G

2001年:Redundant RS-232 to RS-485 (485D)

2001年:Port powered RS-485 isolator (BS485A)

2000年: RS-232/RS-485/422 to optical fober(OPT485S)

2000年:Port powered isolated RS-232 to RS-485/RS-422 (485TC)

2000年:Port Powered RS-232 to optical fiber (OPT232S)

1999年: RS-232 to CAN converter with RS-232 protocal (CAN232G)

1999年:Isolated RS-485 repeater(YG485TA)

1998年:Port powered RS-232 to RS-485/422 converter(485C

1998年:Port powered RS-232 to RS-485 converter(485A)。